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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

There's a lot to think about when planning a holiday gathering - use our guide below to DIY the perfect holiday bar.

The holidays are upon us and there's one area of every holiday gathering that has a special place in my heart - the bar, of course! It's where your guests will gather and exchange lively cheers and grab a glass of something that will instantly put them at ease. While a professional bartender can bring expert knowledge and service to your guests, you can DIY a holiday bar that ensures your guests are well-taken care of and the holiday spirit is high.

Download our DIY Holiday Bar Checklist below!

There are 3 main components to consider when planning your holiday bar: Spirits, Garnish + Mixers, and Service.

SPIRITS: Hosts often stress that they will not have the "right" types of alcohol to serve their guests. It's great if you can provide a wide selection of alcohol for your guests, but you could also end up with a lot of left over booze (great way to stock your personal bar!). One tip is to create 2 signature cocktails to serve to cut back on the amount of supplies you need to purchase. Check out our 5 tips for creating the perfect signature cocktail.

GARNISH + MIXERS: The basic drink mixers and garnishes provide a great foundation for many drinks - think citrus, juices, and soda. You can wow your guests by going the extra mile to prepare some "fancy" garnishes ahead of your party. Sugared cranberries, mini candy canes, and rosemary sprigs are all great options for holiday cocktails.

SERVICE: Don't forget the ice and glasses. 1 pound of ice per person for service and up to 2 pounds per person if you need ice for coolers to keep drinks cold. Kick your service up a notch by hiring a bartender or having a beautiful self-serve station set up for guests to create their own craft cocktail with ingredients and instructions for preparation.

Whatever your holiday celebrations look like this year, Bramblewood Bar wishes you the merriest of days. We all deserve to end 2020 with a toast to our loved ones.


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